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20 masturbation hacks

In our article you can find the best techniques and masturbation methods - so-called “self-pleasure techniques”. Our content is complemental so you don’t need to get registered. If you want to access any other page you needn’t provide any additional info as we have some advertisers who pay for the site’s maintenance. This site is considered to be non-pornographic so everyone can visit it. We have no images of people engaged in sexual intercourse, but still we have some male penis pictures, so our content can’t be suitable for sensitive viewers and teenagers. We’ve collected the best male masturbation methods, but if you want to add something or if you have found a new masturbation technique for men, don’t hesitate to e-mail us!

Nowadays, there are a lot of self-pleasure techniques and here are the best of them:

Method 1 (the basic technique)  

Method 2 (try to use only forefingers and the thumb)

Method 3

Method 4

Method 5

Method 6 (masturbation should be carried out in the most comfortable way, take penis out of underwear vent-hole and shuttle your penis)

Method 7

Method 8

Method 9 (While masturbating place some foreskin between your middle and index fingers)

Method 10 (When using this method, you should rub your penis through the underwear with your knuckle. You can also do it through your jeans or denim in order to prong the happy ending)

Method 11

Method 12 (The 12th method is opposite to the 11th one, but here you should use lubrication)

Method 13

Method 14

Method 15

Method 16 (Wrap a tape around several fingers in order to get unforgettable feelings)

Method 17 (Place your penis between an object (for example a table) and your body, use your penis and hips in to create a friction)

Method 18 (Pay attention to the position. Use a soft bed but and don’t forget that such a method is not for everyone. A lot of people have a headache after it, so be careful)

Method 19 (You should take a mop or a broom for a balance. During orgasm you will get extraordinary feelings as your anus rubs the object)

Method 20 (Don’t forget about the body position. Make more movements with your pelvis and hips)

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