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How to increase sexual intercourse?

In the modern world in order to bring pleasure to a girl, one should really work on and have some special skills. Still, you shouldn't forget about sexual intercourse duration. If you really want to bring a real pleasure to your woman, you should refrain from ejaculation as long as possible. In this article you will learn the best ways to make it come true.

For one thing, it is necessary to trust and feel your girl. If you know the "secrets" of your soulmate, it can considerably prolong sexual intercourse. Moreover one can act building on own desires: for example, if you have felt that you are going to ejaculate soon, then just reduce your speed a little. You can stop, to fondle your woman a bit and then continue. Resorting to this method, it is possible to prolong sex up to thirty minutes. Sometimes men prefer to drink alcohol. But in such case, it is necessary to know when enough is enough. Two glasses of qualitative cognac will be quite all right as it can really help you to prolong sexual intercourse. Don't forget that you drink in order to bring pleasure to your woman.

Quite often, the main reason of early ejaculation is an aftertrouble disease with sexually transmitted infections. In other cases, it can be connected with misunderstanding between lovers, uncertainty in the sex skills and fear which is caused by a long sex lack. Do you want to get rid of these problems? For this purpose you need to talk to your soulmate and to find out her desires. If you are a big fan of oral pleasure, just like 98% of men, don't hesitate and tell her about it. It's ok. The quality of your sexual relations depends directly on the trust level to each other. Be honest; do not be afraid of experiments as sometimes it brings a tremendous result. Be a real man as your girl has chosen you among all men throughout the world. If you are tired of trying inefficient ways and want to visit a doctor, you should think thoroughly, as it means that you will spend a lot of time and money. In this case it is necessary to find strength and change everything for the best. There is a way out! Just order devices of Uvipe Company and forget about your problems. Every man who had bought it was really satisfied with the result just like their women. Good luck!

How to prolong sex without drugs at home? See the Uvipe video.  Don’t know how to deal with premature ejaculation? Then watch this video up to the end! The modern market offers men special medications to prolong erection. These tools include dietary admixtures and sprays. Most of drugs produce the desired effect after the first application. But what is their action mechanism? The admixtures affect hormones, which could lead to pathologies in future. Sprays also work thanks to the lidocaine, i.e. freezing penis. As a result, the tissues are damaged, because it is simply unnatural! So we offer you wonderful tools that influences only outside, they are Uvipe vacuum devices! With their help, you will not only increase size, but also strengthen your natural resources, revive a long-lasting erection and re-learn how to get pleasure from sex!

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All about penis enlargement

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