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After all, you need to know your penis size, right?

Today we will talk about how to measure the length of your penis correctly, the width and its diameter. After all, you need to know your penis size, right?

It seems that it is quite easy to measure a member. However, as in any case, there are subtleties that need to be considered when determining the size of your penis. We will tell you about them today. The most important thing! Measure the penis is necessary in a state of complete (this is also important!) erection. And the length of even the erect penis is affected by many factors: both environmental factors and the state of the organism. Environmental factors include time of day, weather, and air temperature. In addition, the hormonal background, the structure and condition of the nervous and cardiovascular system, the emotional state, and even the mood affect the quality and «strength» of an erection!

What is the average penis size?

Let us also say a little about the process of erection. During her penis can "grow" in length and width of two, sometimes even three times! That is, the length in the "resting state" is practically irrelevant. It seems incredible, but a man who has modest size penile initially can catch up with and overtake those guys who have a more impressive dignity when they reach erection.
Let us return to the main topic of the article - how to correctly measure the length and width of the penis. To do this, you need either a ruler or a flexible centimeter. The length of your penis is the distance from the base to the head. А few words about male anatomy.

As a rule, at birth, the boy's average length varies from two to five centimeters. Active growth of the genital organ occurs at twelve - sixteen years. However, statistics say that growth continues to twenty to twenty-five years. How long should my penis be? At this age, a man can notice minor changes in the parameters of his penis.

Now let's talk about what can be detrimental to the size of the penis. These factors are - race, heredity, hormonal disorders, malnutrition and an abundance of bad habits, in general.
Don’t forget – size matters! Well, the result pleases you? No? Then I recommend buying a penile enlargement device of the company Uvipe. Choose on our site

How to measure your penis correctly? Theory and practice

How long is your penis? - 4 inches? 5 inches? You need properly measure it to understand this! First of all, you can only measure your penis’ length when it’s erected. Erection quality and steadiness may be affected by multiple factors such as time of the day, level of excitement, frequency of sexual intercourse etc. Thus, it’s desirable to make measurements during few days or at least five times, and then to derive arithmetic mean value. Before applying the ruler to the penis, stand up and hold it parallel to the floor. Measure it, going from the penis’ base in the pubic area to the glans. For this purpose, apply the ruler against the pubic area and measure it along the top surface. In this case the distance from the ruler in pubic area to the tip of the glans is the desired length. And if it’s not enough, there are ways to increase it. We recommend Uvipe extenders for men.

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