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How to measure your penis correctly

Today, we will discuss a topic, which interests practically each man on the earth. How one can measure his penis length and diameter in order to learn it for certain. On the one hand, it is quite simple, but there are some things, which should be considered during penis measurement. In this article, you will learn a lot of useful things considering this topic in details. As for penis length, it is necessary to measure it during erection, of course, it is possible just by pulling it in, but you shouldn't forget that penis length can change strongly within a day because of an emotional condition of a man, his mood, air temperature and also a nervous system structure. How it is possible to learn your penis size as phallus is capable to be enlarged in size in 2-3 times. We will begin with the fact that the initial penis length does not play any value. Men with a small penis during exaltation are quite capable to overtake the sizes of those who have a big penile without erection. For the correct determination of penis length, it is necessary to take a ruler and to measure it from the penis basis up to the end of his head. On average, at the moment of birth, penis length is only two and can come to five centimeters. The active gain comes during the period from twelve to sixteen. Usually penis continues to grow at the age of twenty and up to twenty-five years. In this period, the man can notice some changes considering his penis length. Appreciable differences in penis sizes at men can arise because of genetic heredity, when one belongs to this or that race, improper feeding, bad habits and hormonal failures. There is a large number of genetic syndromes when anomalies are followed by underdeveloped and not up to the end productive reproductive organs. The usual size of penis goes from twelve to sixteen centimeters. Making a start from these sizes, it is possible to understand what penis do you have - big or small. If your penis during an erection is less than eight centimeters, then such penis is considered as a micropenis. In order to measure your penis diameter correctly, it should be erected. By means of centimeter, it is necessary to attach the film in the penis middle and to write down the received figures on a circle. According to multiple researches, the average length of penis circle varies in an interval from ten to sixteen centimeters. Length and width need to be measured when penis is in horizontal position and it is parallel to floor. In addition, during measurement of a circle it is possible to resort the use of a paper strip as it is simple to note the necessary point on its surface and then to write down the received centimeters to a ruler. You should not confuse a concept of diameter and a circle as it is different things. To obtain the correct data concerning diameter of a penis, it is necessary to divide the received result on measurement of a circle into number P or in other words - 3, 14 as diameter is considered the imagined straight line, which connects two penis parts. Data will be approximate as penis circle is not ideally equal. If you, suddenly, want to obtain the most exact information, then we advise you to measure your penis several times. For example, you can measure your penis right now, and then measure him once again but in a month and in other time of day. Later, you will be able to obtain all necessary data and because of it to learn an arithmetic average value which will be the most faithful.

Do I have a big or a small penis? Every man asks this question. Penis size is an important point in the male attractiveness. Studies have shown that penis size is directly proportional to the size of a man, his body proportions. Thus, if a man is 5.9 feet tall, the ideal length of his penis is 7 inches. In other words, the perfect penis size is the man’s height divided in 10. Perhaps this rule is explained by our love to proportions. Using this formula, you can easily determine your ideal penis size and work to achieve it. Today, there is a great variety of safe penis enlargement methods, so this is no longer a problem for the men. The easiest way to enlarge penis is to use Uvipe vacuum penile traction devices.

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