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Is it true that a big penis is the best way to succeed in communicating with top models?

So, today we will continue to share secrets about how to make an acquaintance with a beautiful girl. Let, of course, an increase the penis allow you to be much more confident in yourself, and certainly not disappoint a woman in bed... We will talk about mens health too. Is it true that a big penis is the best way to succeed in communicating with top models?
We spoke about acquaintance last time, now we turn to the conversation. You can start even with some trivial question, for example: "Is the truth great here?", "The music is great, agree?". The question itself already invites to the conversation.
If you already know a woman who is interesting to you, then you can start a dialogue with common topics and interests. Suit and passion for cinema, music, literature, rock climbing, bonsai, and even collect stamps!
The answer of the girl, with whom you are flirting, will say a lot. If she does not answer your question, is somewhat embarrassed, or looks bored, well, maybe today is not your day.
Be careful when choosing the topic of the conversation. It is possible to talk about something personal is not worth it. If you see that your interlocutor does not like intellectual reasoning, then there is no point in talking about religion, money, relationships, education and other "eternal" topics. On the other hand, if a girl likes to argue about these topics, before you start discussing them you should make sure that you do not offend her with your own words!
In the end, of course, it will be easier to discuss simple things.
Do not forget that you are flirting! Improvise! Take it easy. Just enjoy the process.
Now we turn to the language of the body. Do not underestimate the non-verbal signals - they can say a lot. Here are excellent examples of such signals:
1. Be "open" - do not cross your legs and arms. This will tell your interlocutor that she is interesting to you, and you are frank with her.
2. Turn around so that your whole body is drawn to your new friend. You can even bend over to her a little.
3. Cross the "touch barrier" first! It can be cranked, as during a conversation (to pat on the shoulder after a successful joke, for example), and even before acquaintance - accidentally easily push the girl passing by her.
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Penis Enlargement For Beauty Models – What Will She Choose?
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