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The best way to make a big penis

With the course of time, there appeared a huge number of various devices for penis enlargement. Initially, among auxiliary devices, which can be allocated, there were weights and dumbbells. Men used to tie pebbles of the different size to bellend, by the way, even now some African tribes still use this method. Together with new technologies development, metal began to replace pebbles. Still it is possible to find different rings, which are made of metal with different gravity and size, which can be used to enlarge penis length. If to survey all mechanical devices at the moment, then they can be divided into two groups. More specifically, extenders (stretcher for penis) and vacuum pumps. We will start with the first one. Penile extenders represent the devices intended for correcting of penis curvature and also for length augmentation. It is possible to rank this type of devices and balances about which we spoke above, but if to speak about more practical and upgraded devices they are extenders. During extender usage, the average augmentation in length can be about 0,5 cm per month. Usually, the average time, which is necessary for extender's wearing for enlargement in three centimeters is six months. As positive influence of the delaying devices is clinically proved and this technique approaches not only for penis curvature correcting but also in medicine, Ilyazarov's device can serve as an example. Tissues have property to change, as laid down in the principle of device operation basis. Because of overburdening, cell fission begins to be stimulated that promotes augmentation of mass tissues and ligaments of penis elongation at the expense of growing not only in length, but also in encasement.

The second type of devices are called pomps.

For the influence of vacuum pumps, it is used the same principle of extension. Extension of cells is formed at the expense of the framed vacuum, which delays penis tissues. If to speak about comparison of extenders and vacuum pomps, then extenders are intended generally to increase the size of penis in length while the vacuum pump is intended for work with penis sides. While using the vacuum pump it is possible to enlarge your penis encasement while elongation of a penis is very small. It is absolutely wrong to begin penis enlargement with the vacuum pump. If penis is fat, then it becomes much more difficult to achieve significant increase in length. If you are going to resort penis enlargement in encasement, then it is necessary to pick up the most convenient vacuum pump. In this case, the cap should not be too big or too small and it is to be only three centimeters longer and wider than penis during erection.

Mechanical extenders are quite common penis enlargement devices, but it’s important to use them properly. We will discuss it in this video. Mechanical extenders are devices for gradual stretching of the penis’ soft tissues. Proextender is one of the most popular mechanical extenders. It’s a very easy to use device: the ring is attached to the penis base, rods go parallel and the glans rests on the special platform. The load is regulated with screws. After the modification, the device evolved into Maxman Extender. The device is 10’ long, 8 extended rods allow to achieve maximally comfortable enlargement. Then the device was upgraded, and appeared Uvipe Optima. This device fixes the penis with gold-plated rods and ropes. Note that mechanical extender fits for men with any anatomical features. It’s effective in both penis enlargement and fixing curvatures without any risks for the health.

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All about penis enlargement

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