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Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender

Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender
New price : $12.99

Protective cap completely protects the glans against vacuum. Diameter 8,6 in.

  • Fits to Uvipe PRO
  • Fits to Uvipe GIBRID
  • Fits to Uvipe MAX+

100% organic silicone
Can be used for both vacuum extenders UVIPE PRO or UVIPE GIBRID, and vacuum belt UVIPE @SILOMAX@ and vacuum suspension system UVIPE @KILO@
100% organic silicone. Minimum age – not less than 1000 hours of use.

5 out of 5
more than 1000 hours working
More than 100 hours of use
New technology
Non-deforming material


The purpose of a silicone protective cap is to offer the user top notch protection while using the vacuum penis extender. The glans cap, as it is commonly known as, is put over the glans or penilehead after it has been tapped properly. Before using the penis enlargement device, remember to use the extender safe cap as it is a must. It would shield the glans from suffering any damage or injury when the air is being sucked out of the vacuum.

After the glans are tapped and the silicone protective cap is put over it, a pipe is used to suck all the air out of the vacuum. It results in contracting of the glans before being stretched by the extender device. The silicone protective cap for extender would safeguard the glans from being subject of any harm caused by the contraction. The product can also be called stretcher safe cap because it also serves the purpose of protecting the glans when the penis is being inserted into the plastic cap. The plastic cap is then hooked with the front of the extender before the penis enlargement system begins its work. Last, in the list of its purpose, the silicone protective cap gives the right grip to the vacuum plastic cap. If the plastic cap was attached to the naked penis, it would not only damage the penis when enlarging it but would not grip properly. The silicone protective cap works as a connector between the two.


The silicone protective cap is made from the top-quality organic rubber that gives allows the product to stretch without being deformed. In most of the cheap penile extenders, the silicone protective cap is either too soft or too hard. The major cause of this problem is the improper and low-quality material that is being used in its making. But, the Uvipe penis stretcher silicone cap gives long lasting protection without ever getting damaged. The durable nature of the product would keep it working effectively and efficiently without losing its shape. Furthermore, the minimum age of the silicone protective cap is at least 1000 hours of usage. That is sufficient for usage by a single person and the important point to be noted is the minimum age. The maximum age can be any.

The 8.6 inches diameter of the silicone protective cap is an important feature as it fits any and every male glans. It is designed by keeping the average male glans size in mind. Uvipe has invested years of experience and research into the male safe cap and hence, come up with something that would serve the purpose well. 

The stretcher safe cap fits every Uvipe penile stretcher such as Uvipe Pro, Uvipe Gibrid and others. It is made with the latest technology that allows it to be used with all the Uvipe products. So, if you have misplaced or lost your silicone protective cap or more than one person is using the penis extender then you can easily purchase it from The website is selling this handy accessory at a nominal rate of only $12.

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