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Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender

Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender
New price : $49.99

Plastic cap with a nipple for vacuum devices is designed for glans fixation at plastic platform.
There are 3 cap sizes on sale:
30 mm – for a penis from 2,3 to 4,7 in.
35 mm - for a penis from 4,7 to 6,3 in.
40 mm - for a penis from 6,3 in.
There’s also a nipple in the cap to exhaust air and an outlet valve to release vacuum.

5 out of 5
Free size
New technology
more than 1000 hours working
Non-deforming material
Additional pictures:
  • Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender - 1
  • Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender - 2
  • Vacuum plastic cap for penis extender - 3


The vacuum cap for the extender is one of the most remarkable innovations of Uvipe. Uvipe is known to have produced effective and technically sound products that help men in enlarging their penis size. And the vacuum cap is another in the long list of proficient accessories that adds to the complete prostate contraction device's procedure. 

The entire purpose of the vacuum plastic cap is to provide the vacuum effect in the Uvipe Pro and other Uvipe penile stretchers. The vacuum plastic cap is made from the highest quality of plastic that would not break or be deformed. A lot of products that are currently circulating in the market do not have the required quality that would make it effective and durable. But, Uvipe vacuum plastic cap has it all. Even after several uses, the product would not break until and unless it comes in contact with a heavy instrument. During its normal usage, the product will definitely not break or crack. Moreover, regardless of the number of times, it is used, the vacuum plastic cap will not be deformed. Firstly, it is plastic which makes it difficult to lose shape. And secondly, even after stretching, the plastic cap for penile extender would not loosen.

The vacuum plastic cap is used on the male glans. Once the male glans is covered with tape and silicone protective cap then the vacuum cap is placed over it. After which the pipe is put through the nipple in the cap so that the air can be sucked out of it. With every suck, the vacuum plastic cap becomes tighter and tighter. Once it is completed, the cap is attached to the penis hanging device or the penile stretcher. An essential feature of the vacuum cap for penis enlarger is its fitting. If the fitting is not appropriate then the penis plus the glans can suffer from internal damage or the Uvipe device would not be able to work properly. Therefore, after extensive research and development, the size and fitting of the vacuum plastic cap have been kept to near perfection.


In order to buyer vacuum cap for extender as per the male glans size, there are three different types available. The small size has a 30mm diameter which is suitable for 2.3 to 4.7 inches penis. The second size is a medium which has a 35mm diameter and is ideal for penises that are 4.7 to 6.3 inches long. The large size which has a 40mm diameter is specifically made for men that have a 6.3 plus inches size. It is recommended by Uvipe to buy a vacuum cap for penis extender only according to the user's size otherwise they will not be able to reap the true benefits of the product. 

The product comes with the standard Uvipe guarantee of working capacity of at least 1000 hours. All this is provided at an affordable price of $49.99. If your current vacuum plastic cap is lost or more than one person is using the device then an extra vacuum plastic cap accessory can be easily purchased.

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