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Plastic platform with clamp for uvipe extender

Plastic platform with clamp for uvipe extender
New price : $15.99
The upper plastic platform with a clamp connecting rod extender with a plastic cap, fixing it. It consists of high-strength materials.
Suitable for any mechanical or loop extender.
5 out of 5
Fits to any extender
Non-deforming material
New technology
High-strength material
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  • Plastic platform with clamp for uvipe extender - 1
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The upper plastic platform with a clamp is a phenomenal accessory that is part of the penile stretcher devices of Uvipe. The product acts as a hook through which the penis is attached to the vacuum penis extender. It also works as a barrier and while it helps in stretching the length of the penis, it also works as the stoppage for the penis.

Uvipe penis traction devices are available in a variety of different types. Each has different functioning procedures while the purpose is one, to enlarge the penile size. The vacuum modification platform for penis extender is one of the sturdiest accessories at Uvipe which is made from the very best plastic material. The durable plastic is necessary for every penis extender because while extending the length of the penile, it is vital that the extender does not break or becomes dismantled. The upper plastic platform with a clamp works as a solid connector between the vacuum cap and the extender itself. 

When the glans of the penile is covered with a tape, a silicone protective cap is put over it. Afterward, a vacuum cap is put over the protective cap. The vacuum cap is used to suck the air out of the glans so the extender can start doing its job of enlargement. But, the object with which the extender is attached to the vacuum cap is through this Uvipe extender plastic platform. The rods of the extender are placed at the sides of this plastic platform which go on to connect to similar but round shaped plastic connector. It has the ability to hold the rods straight and at the same time, gives the perfect fix to the vacuum cap.


The plastic platform for Uvipe extender is easy to use and attach the accessory. If the accessory that is available when the product is purchased, gets lost or damaged then a new one can be easily bought from the Uvipe website. Moreover, it can also be effortlessly placed on the rods. It is made with such precision and with customer ease in mind that it would not give anyone any issues when using the plastic platform with a clamp. The clamping space plus the center of the product have the required joints that work remarkably in increasing the length of the penis.

It has the capacity to hold various size rods without any issues at all. If someone wants to stop at a certain length of their penis then can use the smaller length rods. But, if someone wants to go on and increase the length of the penis more than the upper plastic platform with a clamp is capable of hold such rods too. Regardless of the device, the upper plastic platform with a clamp works well with all. It is a one size fit for all Uvipe devices so that the users of any extender shall not face any issues if their actual upper plastic platform with a clamp is lost.

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